Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Seeing the Positive

I have to say, since having such nice weather this past weekend with temps reaching the high 50's, it was a little disappointing to wake up to a bunch of snow and frigid temps. Oh the wonderful South Dakota weather. But when I looked out the window a few times I saw the sparkles and it made me smile. Whether the sparkles show up in freshly fallen white snow or ice in the trees, it is beautiful. I am reminded there is good in every situation. Sometimes it may take longer to see but there is always something good. Just as in our roller coaster of a health journey, there were some really tough times, but now we can see the good. We see purpose and learned so much. Our experience made us better. It made us stronger. I am thankful for it all. I hope you can find beauty in the life that surrounds you at this very moment. Just as the sparkles quickly disappear, our lives are also quickly changing, enjoy what you can in whatever situation you find yourself in. This moment is temporary.

Snow Angels and Sparkles!

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