Saturday, June 11, 2016

Holding on to the Past

So many times we tend to forget moments from our past OR we choose that we don't want to remember them. I know without taking photographs, I wouldn't remember a lot of things I saw/participated in. Life is busy, it is chaotic. Many times we are looking forward to what we need to get done in the next hour, the next day, the next week... So often we wish we had more time, to get more done. But when do we take the time to think about the past? If we look back we may very well find some beneficial information, something that will help our well being... something will strengthen us. I find that in the present age we are drifting away from what was, where the focus was on family, growing your own food and preparing it in your own home, natural ways of healing... When families were close, there was time spent together, talking to each other, passing down ways they did things, ways that worked well, what they learned so generations beyond could benefit from their experiences.

We don't watch regular tv in our house. Once a week we try to watch a family show together found on Roku. A few times we have watched Little House on the Prairie, a show I thoroughly enjoyed when I was little. After watching the first show I was surprised by how much tv has changed. I was impressed by the acknowledgement of God in the program plus the focus on family and relationships... something that is rare in television today. It made me think to passages in the Bible, from when God did amazing miracles right in front of the people and yet after a very short amount of time the people would forget, start complaining, wanting something else, something more. People were going after their own desires and not even caring if it hurt others around them. What happened to being thankful in the present, enjoying the very moment you are in because it is a blessing. This time is a gift. No matter where you find your self. You may be going through a trial, but their is a lesson that can be learned in it. You could be a blessing to someone else. God has given us time for a reason. It is up to us to make the most of it.

For the next week+ I will be setting aside my computer/technology for some quality family time and adventures. I am looking forward to getting out in nature and experiencing God's beauty around me. This space will be quiet for a bit but I promise to return... God willing. :)

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Slow down a bit. Think back to good moments. Bring them with you to the future. Allow it to grow you and those around you. ...Life is but a breath. ~Psalm 39:5b