Friday, March 4, 2016

It starts with one...

One thought, one choice, one word, one moment, one person, one step to make change happen. One purpose can be powerful. I have one thought, that there is only one who can change my life, your life, for the better. If I only had one moment left in my life I would reach out to one. That one would not be my husband, my daughter, or even a close family member...

I would reach out to God and pray! Believer in God or not, please continue reading. You see, I would not have always made this choice. Not all that long ago, I was struggling, I felt like I was in a dark, hopeless
pit and it was then that I made one choice, to put my one main focus on God, and everything changed. When I made a point to have a relationship with Him, to make a priority to read His word and learn about Him I found my one purpose. I found one way of living that exceeds all else and I can't withhold it. I found that through reading the old testament (in my New International Version Bible) that it takes only one person to walk in the ways of the Lord to have victory over all forms of evil/battles faced. Every person who put their one main focus on God had victory! I think that is amazing and exciting! I've seen this to be true from experience in my own life, through our health battles. I listened and took the doctor's advice, I tried to take control over situations to regain health for my daughter and myself, but things did not change for the better until I cried out to one that was far greater... God. If you haven't asked Him for help in whatever you are going through I strongly encourage you to do so. If you earnestly seek Him, make Him your one and only focus, to ask Him for guidance, your life will be forever changed and for the better. Guaranteed!

Back to if I only had one moment left to live... I would pray, because I know God could change the situation if it was a great desire of mine to have a different outcome. I know He is all-powerful. My life lies in His hands. I know He wants the best for me and I know He wants His word shared with others, which can't be done by me if I am dead. I know without a doubt ALL things are possible with Him. He shares this promise in His Word several times. He showed me the story of Hezekiah, who walked in the ways of the Lord, but became very ill and was told he was not going to survive. Hezekiah cried out to the Lord, he said one important prayer to One greater, and God answered. God blessed him. Hezekiah was healed and given a longer life. I have seen this happen personally more than once, where someone was given a terrible outlook from their doctor but by faith and prayer the situation was flipped. The prayers were heard and answered! There is always hope with God. There is joy and peace with God.

The one thought that I want everyone to think about and know is that there is ONE creator, one healer, one provider, one God who is above all else and He answers prayers to those who seek Him and walk in His ways. Why wouldn't you put your focus on Him when that is the one way to live your best possible life? I know I want the best for my life, I want the best for my daughter, for my family. Our only way to have victory is with God, so I will make my one main priority, God. What will your choice be? One step forward... in faith? We have one life, one serious choice to make, God's way or our own way? I don't know about you, but I tried my own way on more that one occasion and I failed greatly. But I am thankful for the failure, because I learned a much better way.

Have a blessed weekend!

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