Friday, April 29, 2016

Healing ~ It's in the Food!

{turkey and avocado on sprouted buckwheat groat bread}
Some days feel like I don't get much accomplished as a lot of time can be spent in the kitchen. When I started the Enduring Health Journey website my husband was pushing me to join instagram which inspired me to photograph the food I was cooking. I love capturing moments on camera so instagram has turned out to be a good fit for me. I hope I can inspire others to try eating some new, healthy meals. (You are welcome to follower me HERE.) Even if it is only me that looks at my account, I enjoy looking through the photos to see where my time goes... it is in preparing healthy meals that will nourish my body as well as my family's; it is in overall wellness. Kaelyn likes to push me to create new foods and I enjoy experimenting, especially when it turns out delicious! This statement makes me laugh, because not even five years ago, I disliked spending any time in the kitchen and didn't think I could cook anything! Vegetables were scarce in our house. So much has changed. I have grown, I have found foods my taste buds thoroughly enjoy, foods I would have never tried if it wasn't for my health spiraling downward. I now thank God every day for the food, and healing He has provided. We have found first hand how extremely important food is to one's well being. Please don't let anyone tell you differently, not even a medical doctor. Food IS the best medicine!

{warming bean stew}
I listened to the whole series of "The Truth About Cancer" by Ty Bollinger which was very good and informative. I was impressed by how many people and doctors he interviewed along with the wide distance he covered. Although the video is focused on the many ways to heal cancer naturally it really tells you how to heal pretty much any form of disease. I was pleasantly surprised that all my points I have listed on my Regaining Health page were talked about in the videos. They are all important steps to healing. I was also impressed by their spiritual stand... God is needed in order to heal, along with the food/herbs He has provided, this is the way to victory in health.

{chocolate ganache pie}
In other health news, the Food Revolution Summit starts tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to listening to as many of the speakers as I can over the next few days. Knowledge is power. You can go HERE to here Ty Bollinger and Ocean Robbins talk a little about it along with some other good health info.

Have a great weekend!

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