Friday, May 6, 2016

Hair Care Simplified

My hair at the end of the day. Nothing fancy, a bit windblown, but soft all thanks to two simple ingredients!
 When I was really struggling with my health, my doctor said I needed to stay away from gluten due to Celiac and I had to be aware of all ingredients in food as well as other products I used like cosmetics, toothpaste, haircare... Before I heard the words Celiac Disease, I had already been simplifying products and foods as much as I could. I was on a quest to get the most organic shampoo and conditioner I could find, but no matter what I tried I was having issues with buildup and a greasy feeling in the section behind my ears. Nothing I was trying was giving me the soft hair I was hoping for, until...

I got rid of all commercial hair care products and simply used baking soda (plus water) for my shampoo and plain white vinegar for my conditioner! At the time my husband could not stand the smell of vinegar so every so often I would go back to trying a purchased so called organic shampoo and conditioner, but after the first use, my hair felt greasy all over. I learned my lesson, these two simple ingredients are what works best for me (and my daughter). And my husband has gotten used to the smell. :)
How we wash our hair: [It is sometimes easier to have brushed hair before washing.] First I put about a tablespoon of baking soda in a small glass container. (I use an old glass vitamin bottle.) I have a separate glass container filled with vinegar. (I use a cleaned out glass ghee container.) Wet hair/scalp thoroughly. Then put some water in with the baking soda, guessing about 3T, I don't measure, you don't need to be precise, then with the cover on the bottle I give a few shakes and then pour it all over my scalp and massage it in. Wait a minute or two and then rinse it out. At this point you may feel the squeaky clean feeling, but if not don't worry; I feel it on my hair but not on my daughters when I wash hers, but in the end they both turn out soft and clean. After hair is well rinsed, tilt head back and slowly pour about 1/4 cup vinegar all over hair and scalp, all the way to the ends. Be careful not to get in eyes! And warning, it will be cold! Pull fingers through hair. Let sit for a few minutes. There will be no suds during any of this (that usually comes from harmful fillers). When the vinegar is on the hair, it will not feel smooth and silky. After waiting for a bit, rinse hair well. Dry and style as usual. Hair should be soft and clean! No more buildup and no toxic ingredients used! This does work on colored hair too. I just wouldn't do it immediately after dyeing hair, but definitely the day or two after.

When washing kids hair... I don't recommend using vinegar on real small children just because it is a cold liquid when it comes out and if it gets in the eyes it really burns. We put a big thick washcloth on K's back before pouring it on. Kaelyn does not like the cold factor but she has seen how soft it makes her hair and she likes that. I also believe vinegar is a good way to prevent lice! So far she hasn't picked up any nasty bugs and they were around in her classroom on more than one occasion. She is definitely more than happy to use it during those times! Her hair has to be brushed well before washing and at night we always braid so it makes for an easier morning and no crazy knots.

Have a wonderful weekend! Weather has been gorgeous here so I will be off working more on my garden. :)

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