Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cancer is NOT a death sentence!

I was planning on sharing our simple, natural hair care involving shampoo and conditioning but I watched the first episode this morning of "The True History of Chemotherapy and The Pharmaceutical Monopoly" that was released last night and it pulled on my heart so much I have to share about this instead.

A health diagnosis, it is one thing that can truly cause fear to arise in a person. So often times we put our trust and faith in the doctors to heal us. I know I did. I figured, they were the expert, they knew best. But do they? My diagnosis was not cancer, but Graves Disease. I vividly remember the doctor and nurse telling me I needed to have my thyroid killed with radioactive iodine and the nurse said if I didn't act quickly I would become infertile for good. This scared me. I let myself get wrapped up in fear of not having any more children. I did what the doctor and nurse told me to do out of fear and what a big mistake that was! My faith and my knowledge on health and God was greatly lacking back then (almost seven years ago). I didn't realize that my fertility and well being layed in God's hands. His Word says I shall fear nothing but Him. God provides ways for the body to naturally heal itself via food, herbs and such, but we have to be aware of this information. Through the pain, heartache, suffering I have learned what really matters. I now know God comes first. That my trust goes to Him above all else and I have faith that He will guide me in my journey. Although I hadn't been given a cancer diagnosis I am pretty sure I was getting close... as Candida was taking over my body, my weight was spiraling downward and lumps were appearing... in my neck and my breast. At first I was truly scared. I didn't want to leave my daughter at such a young age. I wasn't ready for my life to be over. And on the way to yet another doctor's visit I was praying and I said, "God, I give this to YOU. I will/continue to eat the best I know how. I believe you will guide and heal me. I am putting my trust in YOU." And after visiting a couple new doctors, God confirmed to me that I didn't need to return to them, He would take care of me... and He did. The lumps are now gone. Praise the Lord! Anyway, this journey is what put the passion in me to share about God and the importance of the food and healing wonders He provides. I personally found that conventional medicine was making me worse. I am not saying there isn't a place and purpose for it, but people need to understand that sometimes there is a better way, a way that is provided by God that will not harm you. This brings me to the truth about cancer, episode 1.

The series was created by Ty Bollinger, who lost both his parents to cancer along with other family members. This heartbreaking experience put a passion in him to explore and find an explanation for so many deaths related to cancer. I have heard about many natural ways to heal from this nasty disease during my own research of healing the body, but Ty is bringing it out in the open in a new way, involving many non-conventional doctors around the world. He has put so much time, thought and research into the truth about cancer in hopes to set many people free. I pray you will listen to his series. The information may save your life or a loved ones.

Some of my main take away points from the first episode:
~1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer.
~Doctors receive very little to no training in nutrition.
~Modern medicine is drug focused, it was a monopoly created a long time ago based on making money, not on actual healing.
~Disease is a marketplace, it is an investment industry that focuses on growth and eliminating its competition.
~Chemotherapy is highly toxic and contains carcinogens which is cancer causing. The chemo eliminates the bad cells along with the good which heals.
~Doctors will often times lose their license if they offer natural methods for healing.
~Tumors can shrink, but will often times come back even worse than before because the stem cell becomes enriched.
~Chemo side effects multiply the drug business, due to causing more damage throughout the body.
~Most patients don't question their doctors, they trust them.
~Some doctors don't know the truth about the harm in the drugs they are offering, while others give fear tactics. Honesty is often thrown out the door as they want business. Business equals more money.
~100,000 people die yearly from "safe and effective drugs".
~Naturally grown, organic treatments that can be grown in your own yard won't make anyone rich so these treatments are not marketed.
~Various testimonies were given on healing without chemo/radiation. One man was given his cancer diagnosis at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and was told he would only survive 3 days to maybe 3 months. He wasn't okay with this diagnosis and headed to a non-conventional healing center down south. He is now going on 8 yrs and cancer free.
~Some people are backing out of the Pharmaceutical industry because they found that money is driving the decisions, not well being. They believe it shouldn't be about making share owners happy.

In short, lives are being put at risk for profit. It hurts my heart. Kids are losing their parents, parents are losing their kids... because someone is greedy?! Sickening. What we can do is learn all we can now. Put God first. Allow Him to guide us, because He is the one who can heal our land. God will judge everyone one day, and boy I would not want the guilt of putting money over someone's life!

Listen to all the details in the informative first episode here:

I'm looking forward to the future episodes involving more healing based on foods, herbs, essential oils, hormones... It will be good. Thank you Ty Bollinger for sharing this beneficial information with everyone!

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